Some of the best animal pictures and wildlife photography documenting animal behaviour and habitats from all over the world.

Farmland Butterfly Images

The warm and sunny weather during the summer of 2013 in the UK has meant British farmland butterflies flourished. Butterflies are important to our ecosystem, they are pollinators as well as a rich food source, and an abundance of butterflies indicates a healthy ecosystem. Explore this gallery of Farmland Butterflies including the Meadow Brown, Peacock and the rather striking Orange-tip butterfly.

Photos of Animal Eyes

Imagine having telescopic vision, or seeing light in the form of waves or ‘invisible’ parts of the spectrum? How about magneto vision? Here are some of the most remarkable animal eyes in the natural world.

Endangered Animals Collection

Too many animals have been listed as critically endangered and endangered by the WWF, but this doesn’t necessarily mean a death sentence if we act now. Here is a selection these endangered animals including incredible close up photos of the Amur Leopard, Hawksbill Sea Turtle and the Eastern Lowland Gorilla to the flightless Kakapo native to New Zealand and a cheeky photo of the Snow Leopard amongst others.

Royalty Free Animal Images

Science Photo Library has a vast selection of Royalty Free animal stock images. This set of amazing images includes playful otters and tarantulas to well-known farmyard animals and cheetahs and everything inbetween.

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