The animal kingdom from ants to zebras

Some of the best animal pictures and wildlife photography documenting animal behaviour and habitats from all over the world.

High Definition Bugs

Within the massive United States Geological Survey (USGS) organisation is a small team of dedicated bug curators known as the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab. Headed by biologist Sam Droege, their goal is to develop large scale surveys of plants and animals as well as monitoring individual species. The definition and detail of the images has made the collection popular outside of the scientific world.

Amazing Bird's Nest

A bird nest is created to provide a place for a bird to lay & incubate its eggs and raise its young. We perhaps automatically think of a home, made from twigs at the top of a tree, however, not all nests are made high up in a tree, some are made in rocky cliffs like a Cape Gannet or like the chestnut-backed Chickadee who can make nests in holes in rotted trees or stumps. View our extraordinary gallery of birds and their nest.

Farmland Butterfly Images

The warm and sunny weather during the summer of 2013 in the UK has meant British farmland butterflies flourished. Butterflies are important to our ecosystem, they are pollinators as well as a rich food source, and an abundance of butterflies indicates a healthy ecosystem. Explore this gallery of Farmland Butterflies including the Meadow Brown, Peacock and the rather striking Orange-tip butterfly.

Photos of Animal Eyes

Imagine having telescopic vision, or seeing light in the form of waves or ‘invisible’ parts of the spectrum? How about magneto vision? Here are some of the most remarkable animal eyes in the natural world.

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