The animal kingdom from ants to zebras

Some of the best animal pictures and wildlife photography documenting animal behaviour and habitats from all over the world.

Hide & Seek

Hidden in this gallery are animals, insects and marine life. In ecology this is known as crypsis, many use their natural camouflage to hide from predators, while others use it to catch prey. They can do this by blending into their environment so they are unseen. Others just like to hide!

Dinosaur Earth

Before man the earth belonged to the Dinosaur. The Allosaurus dinosaur, one of the largest carnivores at the time, and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex with teeth that could penetrate bone to the small but fast bipedal predator Coelophysis. Step back in time with these amazing creatures.

Royalty Free Animal Images

Science Photo Library has a vast selection of Royalty Free animal stock images. This set of amazing images includes the Atlantic Puffin, African Elephants and the Mona Monkey to well-known farmyard animals and cheetahs and everything inbetween.

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