The changing face of planet Earth

Images supplied by environmentalists and aerial photographers, meteorologists and satellite agencies.

Satellite Images of Earth

Beautiful pictures of earth from space at Science Photo Library. Everything from a dust storm over the Aral Sea, Gemasolar power plant, Lake Baikal in Russia and the Grand Canyon in the USA.

Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy is any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel. This set of photos includes such sources as solar power, algae biofuel, wave energy converters and offshore wind farms. All of which are intended to address the undesirable consequences associated with fossil fuel use, particularly high carbon dioxide emissions.

Mint Images - Royalty Free Environment Collection

Mint Images have recently launched their new Royalty-Free collection that stands on the dual pillars of commercial and editorial photography. View a selection of Environmental images, including a striking iceberg off the Antarctic Peninsula, the powerful Lava lake in Hawaii to the calm wetlands in Alaska.

Supercell Thunderstorms Photos

A collection of stunning supercell and lightening photos by Roger Hill. Supercell thunderstorms are severe long-lived storms within which the wind speed and direction changes with height. Roger has captured these incredible forces of nature over a number of years across the US.

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