Blooming botanical portraits

Flower pictures by contemporary flower photographers and keen amateur gardeners present anything and everything to do with flowers and gardens.

Stefan Diller - SEM Plants

This gallery shows Stefan's unique vision of plants and flowers seen through the highly magnified scanning electron microscope. His first view through this microscope captivated Stefan and ‘…opened up an unknown universe of yet unseen aesthetic structures’.

Pollen SEM Images

View the delicate complexity of pollen grains imaged by a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The characteristic surface pattern of the grain is used by botanists to recognise and classify plants.

Royalty Free Plant and Flower Images

Science Photo Library has a wide collection of Royalty Free flower stock images. In this gallery you can view SEMs (scanning electron micrographs) of pollen grains, pictures of a range of fruit and vegetables, seedlings and plant research.