Blooming botanical portraits

Flower pictures by contemporary flower photographers and keen amateur gardeners present anything and everything to do with flowers and gardens.

Royalty Free Plant and Flower Images

Science Photo Library has a wide collection of Royalty Free flower stock images. In this gallery you can view SEMs (scanning electron micrographs) of pollen grains, pictures of a range of fruit and vegetables, seedlings and plant research.

Flower and Plant Light Micrograph Images

Light microscopy (or photomicrography) is essentially placing a camera at the focus of a regular microscope working with visible light. Specimens are typically sliced extremely thinly and mounted on glass slides. Structures within the specimen may be highlighted by a combination of optical techniques or by staining with coloured or fluorescent dyes. View these intriguing royalty free and rights managed images here.

Image Showcase: Photos By Vaughan Fleming

A collection of rights managed plant and flower images from Vaughan Fleming. These photos show the elegant beauty of Orbea Ciliata flower, symmetry of the Cleistocactus sp.cactus and the vibrant colours of the Cockscomb flower and many more.

Medicinal Flowers

Throughout history people have used medicinal herbs and plants to treatment ailments such as snakebites, fevers or burns. Today these can serve as an alternative to modern medicine. With their ability to synthesize a wide variety of chemical compounds, or phytochemicals, many have beneficial effects on long-term health when consumed by humans. View a selection of our medicinal flower images here.

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