Blooming botanical portraits

Flower pictures by contemporary flower photographers and keen amateur gardeners present anything and everything to do with flowers and gardens.

Pollen SEM Images

This is a collection of coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) images of a pollen grains. Pollen grains are the male sex cells of a flowering plant. Their characteristic surface is used by botanists to recognise and classify plants. Pollen in plants is used for transferring male genetic material from the anther of a single flower to the stigma of another in cross-pollination.

Royalty Free Plant and Flower Images

Science Photo Library has a wide collection of Royalty Free flower stock images. In this gallery you can view SEMs (scanning electron micrographs) of pollen grains, pictures of a range of fruit and vegetables, seedlings and plant research.

Green Algae Images

These colourful and intriguing light micrograph images all show green algae under the microscope. Algae is large and diverse, it ranges from a one-celled organism to a diatom. Some green algae is unicellular and green from the chlorophyl. And it produces between 70-80% of the Earth’s oxygen!

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