Exploring the Universe

Space pictures featuring a collection of astrophotographers, space artists, major observatories and space organisations.

Underwater Space Training

European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy carrying out underwater training. He is taking part in 'Moonwalk' training on hilly submarine landscapes to simulate the next space missions to the Moon.

Royalty Free Space Images

Space the final frontier… Our collection of Royalty Free Space images offers you images that combine the unrivalled quality of Science Photo Library imagery with the flexibility of royalty free licensing.

Just Look Up!

The science of astronomy is possibly the oldest human endeavour, yet is the simplest for anyone to join in. The wonders of the Sun, Moon and stars pass above us day after day, enriched by occasional visitors such as comets and treats such as eclipses. Here, photographers from all over the world share their views of these wonders with us.

Night & Day Satellite Images

If you think you know what a city looks like – this could change your mind – the Earth’s cities from Space! Day time images from space are taken using satellites and our roads, rivers & parks are clearly visible. The night time images show the world in a completely different ‘light’. Taken using ‘NightPod’ these are actual photographs taken from space.

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