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Gravitational Waves

Scientists have finally detected gravitational waves time predicted by Einstein in his theory of general relativity. The phenomenon has until now never been detected but it is thought to occur when massive cosmic objects orbit one another, such as twin black holes or neutron stars and radiate gravitational waves. Scientists working on the LIGO announced their results on the 11th February 2016.

3D Body Scans

X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning is an established diagnostic technique, but new advances in data handling have taken it to a new level. In Sweden’s Linköping Hospital, Dr Anders Persson and his team are developing new ways of automatically visualising bones and body tissues in fantastic detail. This revolution in 3D visualisation will impact many areas of medicine.

Simply Science

To help to create an understanding of all things science, we offer an educational side of our collection with these simple and effective science images. We look at magnesium ribbon burning in air and dry ice vaporising at room temperature to the breakdown of the adrenaline molecule, the use of iodine in detecting the presence of starch and the transpiration in celery stalks.

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