Admire the astonishing life on Earth from microscopic pond life to ocean giants. Explore our collection showcasing the most incredible species on Earth and discover the breathtaking diversity of the animal world.

Bacteria and viruses


Coral reefs

Dinosaurs and other extinct animals


Frogs and toads

Insects and other creepy-crawlies

Land mammals

Marine mammals

Monkeys and apes

Octopus and other cephalopods

Pathogens and parasites

Pond life and plankton


Spiders and scorpions

Animals Showreel

This reel is in full High Definition - check out the full HD version on YouTube here.

View all the clips from the showreel above and find out more.

Confocal laser Scanning Microscopy Clips

CLSM is an imaging technique that focuses a laser beam on or inside a sample, and produces an image from only the point in focus. The focal point can be scanned over the subject, allowing images of very thin layers of an object to be obtained, which can be combined in a computer to form a detailed 3D image. This fascinating video set includes parts of a dog tick, Rotifers and plant hopper.

Winter Animal Videos

As January ends on a cold note across the UK, we can take solace in the fact that we can keep warmer than these poor animals and plants. This selection shows how they pass the winter: fighting over seeds, gnawing on bare twigs, huddled against blizzards, raiding gardens or just embracing the snow with a good roll.

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