From the smallest to the largest, our extensive collection of wildlife footage reveals the astonishing variety of animal life on Earth. Our video clips include:

Bacteria and viruses


Coral reefs

Dinosaurs and other extinct animals


Frogs and toads

Insects and other creepy-crawlies

Land mammals

Marine mammals

Monkeys and apes

Octopus and other cephalopods

Pathogens and parasites

Pond life and plankton


Spiders and scorpions

Animals Showreel

All the individual clips from our showreel can be viewed here.

This reel is in full High Definition - check out the full HD version on YouTube here

Winter Animal Videos

As January ends on a cold note across the UK, we can take solace in the fact that we can keep warmer than these poor animals and plants. This selection shows how they pass the winter: fighting over seeds, gnawing on bare twigs, huddled against blizzards, raiding gardens or just embracing the snow with a good roll.

It's In The Eyes

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even tiny water fleas do it. Do what? Look at their surroundings, of course (what did you think?). This gallery shows the diversity of eyes in the animal kingdom: the unique sweeping multichromatic eyes of the mantis shrimp, the wavy pupils of cuttlefish, the minutely detailed domes of insects, bright birds’ eyes, well-camouflaged fish eyes and some beautifully-patterned eyes of frogs and lizards.

A Bug's Life

Come and look at the incredible world of insects. This footage gallery shows these stunning and sometimes scary looking bugs from around the world. See the beauty of Zebra Longwing butterfly feeding, an extreme close up of a hornet, the Madagascar hissing roach, the Straight snouted weevil to a terrifying Huntsman spider.

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