Chase tornadoes, explore silent deserts, thunderous skies, wondrous forms of crystal caves and mighty waterfalls. Discover the stunning beauty and power of our diverse planet. See how humans have encroached on the natural world.

Agriculture and livestock

Aurora Borealis

Climate change

Clouds and atmosphere

Earth observation

Earth's structure

Earthquakes and tsunami

Erosion and landforms

Extreme weather

Forests and forestry


Green energy

Human impact

Hurricanes and tornadoes

Ice caps and glaciers



Seas and oceans

Storms and lightning

Volcanoes and geothermal activity

Wild landscapes

Environment Showreel

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Extreme Weather

This collection looks at some of the wildest weather on Earth. It includes footage from inside the most powerful cyclone ever to strike land, last year’s lethal Haiyan, as well as tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, floods, supercell thunderstorms, lightning and huge hailstones.


Volcanoes are openings in the earth’s crust, usually located where tectonic plates meet. Magma rock under the Earth’s surface is shot up through the air forming lava. Despite the power and destruction of a volcano, there is a kind and gentle side. They can destroy crops but they also add nutrients to the soil. Watch clips of volcanoes from around the world showing their might and power and the rivers of lava.

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