Our healthcare footage collection encompasses all aspects of human health, from normal anatomy to rare diseases, from wellbeing to diagnostics, to surgery and medicine. Our video clips show how the body works from the cellular level up to tissues, organs and systems, revealing its workings and pathologies using the latest scanning techniques. Topics include:


Bacteria and viruses


Cell biology

Cosmetic surgery

DNA and genetics


Diet and nutrition

Diseases and pathology

Doctors, nurses and patients

Drugs and therapies


Healthy living


MRI scans

Medical equipment

Medical research

Medical scans - healthy

Medical scans - pathology

Medical treatments



Reproduction and pregnancy


Tissues and organs



Healthcare Showreel

From the human anatomy, surgery and diseases, we have a wealth of medical and healthcare video clips to download. This reel can be viewed in full High Definition on our YouTube page here

View all the clips from the showreel above and find out more.

Fluorescent Microscopy

We reveal the human body as seen using fluorescence microscopy. This technique uses fluorescent dyes to highlight specific proteins in the body. Each dye binds to one protein, and glows a particular colour when illuminated under the microscope.

Human Foetal Development Animations

From an embryo to a foetus, the human foetal gestation period is typically around 40 weeks after the last period or 38 weeks after fertilisation (conception). This set of clips shows each of the development over each of the individual weeks. Clip K004/2561 shows the development from week 4 through to week 40.

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