View our unique and comprehensive medical footage covering all aspects of medicine, diagnostic and surgical procedures, specialist imaging techniques and breakthrough treatments. We capture the finest details of human anatomy, from the cellular level to tissues and organs, revealing the body’s functions.


Bacteria and viruses


Cell biology

Cosmetic surgery

DNA and genetics


Diet and nutrition

Diseases and pathology

Doctors, nurses and patients

Drugs and therapies


Healthy living


MRI scans

Medical equipment

Medical research

Medical scans - healthy

Medical scans - pathology

Medical treatments



Reproduction and pregnancy


Tissues and organs



Body of work

View our stunning footage, showcasing all aspects of modern medicine. Be inspired by highlights selected by our editors, ranging from diagnostic procedures through to highly magnified microscope images of cells. We provide an exclusive insight as we stand beside medical professionals while they work to save lives.

View all the clips from the showreel above and find out more.

Life of cells

All living things are made up of cells and understanding how they work is critical in biology and medicine. This set brings together some of our best animations showing the inner workings of these fundamental building blocks of life.


In this theatre, the world’s not a stage. Nonetheless our medical videographers are there to put the limelight on the dedicated and skilful professionals who take care of us in our most critical hours of need.

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