The final frontier

Visionary artists and high-tech telescopes reveal the beauty and scale of the cosmos.

Alien worlds


Black holes





Human spaceflight

Milky Way


Night sky


Solar System


A wild ride through the universe

Alien worlds and distant stars, violent deaths and fiery births. From the great observatories of Earth to our far-flung robots exploring the icy reaches of the Solar System, we see how we probe and learn about the complex cosmos that surrounds us. Watch in high definition here.

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Night sky timelapse

Timelapse video reveals the movements of the heavens in a way that’s hard to appreciate with the naked eye. Watch whirling aurora, circles of stars and the telescopes that track the distant skies.

In search of alien worlds

The hunt for a new Earth or alien life has captured imaginations for years. Explore some of the technologies used to find them, future plans and potential new homes.