Science & Technology

We have a large collection of video clips and animations covering science, research and technology. Our science & technology footage is used by film and t.v. producers, corporate communications, institutions of all sizes, design houses and education. These include:

Atoms and particles

Chemical bonding

Chemistry education

Communications and IT


Elements and compounds

Energy - non-renewable

Energy - renewable

Energy infrastructure

Fossil fuels

Heavy industry


Light and radiation

Molecular models


Physics education

Physics research


Schools and teaching

Sound and heat

Travel and transport

Science & Technology Showreel

This reel is in High Definition - check out the HD version on YouTube here.

View all the clips from the showreel above and find out more.

Optical Effects

Take a look at some of the amazing ways our atmosphere can play with light. We’ve all marvelled at the ethereal beauty of a rainbow, but how many of these other optical effects have you seen? Caught on camera here, we see haloes, coronas, mirages, glories, the spooky Brocken Spectre and more…

Beautiful Chemistry

Our gallery of chemical reactions as you’ve never seen them before. Pin-sharp macro detail, speeded up to reveal the dynamic processes at work. This level of detail allows the intricate nature of the reactions to be seen, as we follow metals growing like snowflakes, colourful precipitation, crystals forming from solution, acid attacks and the almost lifelike growth of crystal gardens.

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