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NEW  The Creatures That Science Ignored

One spits acid from its mouth; another attacks livestock and drinks their blood. Others resemble long-extinct flying dinosaurs or giant sea serpents. Yet these bizarre and terrifying creatures, which witnesses claim to have seen, are all creatures that are unknown to science – the so-called ‘cryptid More...

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NEW  Mapping the ancient world

Since the dawn of civilisation, maps have documented the exploration of the farthest known reaches of the world. The earliest ‘world’ maps date back more than two thousand years. By today’s standards, they appear crude and distorted - but it is surprising to see how much of the planet was identified More...

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NEW  Faecal Transplants

Known as faecal transplantation - transplants of human faeces from the healthy to the sick can help combat the worldwide rise of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. Faecal transplantation or bacterial biotherapy involves the restoration of a normal healthy bacterial ecosystem by replacing the More...

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NEW  A Year in Space 2015

Astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) take high resolution photographs of the Earth as part of their many duties. More...

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NEW  Snowflakes Up Close

These are images of individual snowflakes as viewed under the power of a specialised low-temperature electron microscope and coloured by an artist. The images reveal the detailed physical structure of each snowflake. Capturing images of snow in the electron microscope posed a special challenge for U More...

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NEW  Big Bangs

From a rifle shot to a supernova, the universe is filled with explosive events. This feature is about the biggest bangs on and off Earth. It begins with events on the human scale, and ends with the largest explosion in the known universe, the Big Bang. You wouldn’t regard some of them as a ‘bang’ in More...

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NEW  The First Scientific Photographers

The birth of modern photography in the 19th Century gave scientists, astronomers, inventors and amateur tinkerers a vital tool to record the results of their endeavours. These early images of celestial bodies, microscopic specimens, medical procedures and inventions were the first science photograph More...

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NEW  Chilli, the hottest plant in the world

For people who like their food spicy, it’s the chilli pepper that provides the heat. Chillies are crucial ingredients of cuisines across the world, from Mexico’s Chilli con Carne to India’s Vindaloo. In fact, the chilli has become so iconic that competitions are held to see who can eat the hottest d More...

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NEW  Human Brain Under Attack

The human brain is a highly evolved, complex and remarkable organ. Its power to process complex thought, emotion and intellect has allowed the human race to flourish. But the brain is also susceptible to damage and deterioration from within, and disease and infection from the outside. These images o More...

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NEW  Good Food Bugs

You go to the fridge, sniff the bottle of milk, and it’s off. Those slices of bread you thought would last another day have green patches on them. And that long-past-its-sell-by date yogurt – forget it. Food that has been spoiled by mould or bacteria is the bane of everybody’s kitchen. Yet, for tho More...

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NEW  Golden Age of Islamic Science

Scholars from the Islamic world between the 7th and 13th Centuries were some of the greatest scientists who ever lived. Yet most of the West has never heard of their achievements. Historians studying rare manuscripts today now recognise the importance of their work, much of which was hundreds of y More...

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