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NEW  Tracking Insects by Radar

Tiny radar aerials glued to the back of insects are shedding light on bee and butterfly behaviour, and how bee navigation is affected by disease. More...

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NEW  Glass Bugs

These beautiful and sometimes scary looking creepy crawlies appear at first glance to be super-sized insects and spiders. They are in fact all made from glass, skillfully crafted by artist Tomek Litwin to look as close to the real species as possible. More...

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NEW  Canyons Seen From Space

These amazing images of a scarred and pockmarked landscape are some of the biggest canyons on Earth. Carved by water and the movements of the Earth’s crust, canyons are majestic sights when seen from the ground but only from space, as these Landsat 8 images (all taken recently from 2013 to 2014) sho More...

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NEW  Toughest Flowers

From the highest peaks to the underwater depths, from the hottest to the coldest places on the globe plants can survive some of the most extreme conditions on Earth. Surprisingly, many of these are flowering plants which, despite the many obstacles presented by extreme environments, manage to eke ou More...

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