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NEW  Hubble Space Telescope 25th Anniversary

It’s the most famous telescope in the world, and April 2015 marks its 25th anniversary. Though it was launched with a flawed optical system, the Hubble Space Telescope has become the most successful telescope ever built. Because it operates in space, the HST’s images aren’t blurred by atmospheric tu More...

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NEW  Micro-CT Creates Virtual Replicas

London’s Natural History Museum is a treasure trove of the unusual and bizarre, ranging from Martian meteorites to mummified cats. Yet many are so rare or delicate they cannot be investigated by conventional methods like dissection. Now, thanks to a technology called ‘X-ray microtomography’, or ‘mic More...

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NEW  Terrors of the Ancient Seas

Sharks date back almost 425 million years. During this time, they have evolved into a variety of highly unusual forms, but, as a group, have existed on Earth longer than the dinosaurs and far longer than mammals. With over 360 different species in existence today, sharks are some of the most success More...

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