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NEW  X-ray Art of Arie van't Riet

Arie van't Riet is a Dutch physicist who creates imaginatively composed X-ray photographs. He first began taking X-ray photographs as a means to demonstrate how the machine worked to his scientific students and colleagues. But by adding colour and carefully composing his work, van't Riet realised th More...

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NEW  Living Fossils

Today’s planet is teeming with life-forms that have existed, apparently unchanged, for millions of years. They are often labelled ‘living fossils’ because they have somehow survived mass extinctions; large shifts in climate and geological changes; and the growing and destructive presence of humans. More...

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NEW  Amazing animal eyes

Being able to see the world around us is something most of us take for granted. Thanks to three different types of photoreceptors, we can see a rich palette of colours. Our eyes are positioned to give us good forward and peripheral vision. And, thanks to the fact that our pupils dilate, we can also More...

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NEW  Britain From the Air 1940s v today

These fascinating aerial photographs show the pace of change around Britain over a 70-year period. Large parts of today’s modern towns and cities with their housing developments, vast shopping centres, sports stadiums, roads and motorways simply didn’t exist in the 1940’s. More...

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