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Rights Managed Scientific Images

Our Rights Managed images are renowned for their quality and suitable for both editorial and commercial use. Just like science, we cover all areas of life: be it an ultrasound image of a foetus, a satellite image of earth, an x-ray of a brain or a portrait of Charles Darwin.

Royalty Free Scientific Images

Our Royalty Free images combine high quality with the flexibility of royalty free licensing. Our Royalty Free healthcare images are particularly in demand including microscopic images of cancer cells, bacteria, viruses and photos of doctors treating patients. Likewise, our Royalty Free Science & Technology, Environment, Space, History, Animals and Flowers collections feature such popular subjects as: scientists at work, supernovas, babies and even dinosaurs!

Most Popular Images

Most Popular Images

Our top 50 images include MRI scans, insects, cancer cells, dna, viruses, the northern lights, x-rays, dinosaurs, blood, and satellite images.

Most Popular Images


We source images from institutions, expert photographers and organisations, taking images from many household names.

Free Expert Research Service

Our free expert research service will save you time and money. Our scientific researchers can give you insight that could prove invaluable for your project and allow you to concentrate on other things.

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Stuck for words? Not sure what bacteria, tree or galaxy you need? Just drill down through the entire database of images using our Subject Index.

Feature Stories

We produce regular feature stories covering latest developments and interesting stories in science, technology and medicine. These are available for purchase or simply for you to spend some of your own time reading.

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You can buy our stunning images for private display as framed prints, canvases or even jigsaw puzzles via our website

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