Production & decay of B meson

Production & decay of B meson


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Production & decay of mesons in the ALEPH detector at CERN. The computer display is a close-up of the event in picture A142/448. An electron & positron, accelerated in CERN's LEP collider, annihilate to produce a B meson consisting of a bottom quark bound with a strange antiquark. The B meson (fine dotted track) decays to a D meson when the bottom quark turns into a lighter charm quark, emitting an electron (green) & unseen neutrino. The D meson (second dotted track) decays when its charm quark turns into a lighter strange quark which, with the original strange antiquark, form 2 kaons (blue). The D also creates an up quark & down antiquark that make a pion (yellow).Other particles are red.

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