Side view of skull of Homo erectus (KNM-ER 3733)

Side view of skull of Homo erectus (KNM-ER 3733)


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Homo erectus skull. Side view of the skull of the fossil hominid Homo erectus (KNM-ER 3733). The name translates to "erect man". This skull is one of the earliest specimens representing this species, found at Koobi Fora in northern Kenya. The forehead is raised to contain a relatively large brain of 800-900ml. Brow ridges are promi- nent, but the face is less projecting than the earlier H. habilis. The erect standing H. erectus stood 1.68 metres tall, perhaps more. Living 1.8 million years to 200,000 years ago, this hominid was the first human type to spread from Africa to Asia. They had a mixed diet, were nomadic hunter- gatherers, who probably made tools out of wood.

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