Front view of skull of Homo habilis (KNM-ER 1470)

Front view of skull of Homo habilis (KNM-ER 1470)


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Homo habilis (1470) skull. Front view of the skull of the fossil hominid Homo habilis (KNM-ER 1470). The name means "handy man". This skull was found in 1972 by Richard Leakey's team at Koobi Fora in East Turkana, Kenya. The forehead is raised to accommodate a brain of 750 ml in size. The braincase shape is more human than in austral- opithecines, but the face is long, broad and flat, with australopithecine-like cheekbones. Bones of the skeleton of H. habilis suggest these early hominids were large. This 1470 specimen is dated 1.9 million years old. The species of H. habilis had a wide distribution in Africa, and lived from 2.0 to 1.6 million years ago.

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