Palaeozoic marine animals

Palaeozoic marine animals


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Palaeozoic marine animals. Artwork of marine animals that existed in different periods of the Palaezoic era (around 570 to 300 million years ago). The large fish at upper left is Dunkleosteus (Dunkleosteus terrelli), an armoured predatory fish (placoderm). Immediately below this is Bothriolepsis, also a placoderm. Both existed in the Late Devonian period (385 to 359 million years ago). At upper right is a Diplocaulus (brown, downward- facing). This was an amphibian that existed in the Permian period (around 290 to 248 million years ago). Below this is a Tristychius, a type of shark that existed in the Carboniferous period (290 to 354 million years ago). The orange, flat-shaped fish at lower right is a Gemuendina stuertzi, an early placoderm species from the Early Devonian.

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