Pteranodon (Pteranodon longiceps)

Pteranodon (Pteranodon longiceps)


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Pteranodon (Pteranodon longiceps) flying over water, artwork. Pteranodons are a genera of extinct flying reptiles known as pterosaurs, or pterodactyls, that lived 86-73 million years ago (during the Late Cretaceous). P. longiceps had a wingspan of 7 metres. It had a long, narrow headcrest, a toothless beak and a tailless body. It was thought to have lived along the coast and fed mainly on fish. Pterosaurs were the first vertebrates to evolve powered flight. Large species such as Pteranodon are thought to have flown predominantly by soaring, with intermittent flapping. Fossilised pterosaur trackways suggest that they were also able to walk on land using all four limbs.

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