Pterosaur anatomy (image 4 of 5), artwork

Pterosaur anatomy (image 4 of 5), artwork


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Pterosaur anatomy (image 4 of 5). Artwork showing the air sacs (light brown) and skeleton (white) of a flying pterosaur. This extinct group of flying reptiles, also known as pterodactyls, lived from the Late Triassic to the Late Cretaceous (228-65 million years ago). They ranged in size from sparrow-sized to those with over 10 metre wide wingspans. Pterosaurs had small, fur covered bodies, hollow bones and large wings made of skin and muscle, that extended from the thorax to the end of an extended fourth 'finger'. They were efficient flyers, with muscles capable of powered flight and air sacs to assist with the high oxygen demand required. Pterosaurs could also walk on land, using all four limbs. E446/651 to E446/655.).

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