Charles Dawson and Arthur Smith-Woodward

Charles Dawson and Arthur Smith-Woodward


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Dawson and Smith-Woodward. Charles Dawson (1864- 1916) and Sir Arthur Smith-Woodward (1864-1944), British perpertrators of the Piltdown Man fraud, digging at Piltdown in 1910. Dawson (left) was an amateur geologist who claimed to have found bone fragments at Piltdown in Sussex, Britain, during 1908-12. Smith-Woodward identified and catalogued the fragments and named it Eoanthropus dawsoni. They claimed that Piltdown Man was the link between modern humans and their ape ancestors, combining the large human skull with an ape-like jaw. In 1953 Piltdown Man was shown to be a fraud. The skull fragments were human and the jaw came from an ape; they were not from the same creature.

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