Portrait of the English astronomer Edmond Halley

Portrait of the English astronomer Edmond Halley


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Edmond Halley. Portrait of the English astronomer and physicist Edmond (or Edmund) Halley (1656- 1742), Astronomer Royal. In 1679 Halley published the first accurate catalogue of stars in the southern hemisphere. He studied the movements of comets considered at that time to be a meteorolog- ical phenomenon. Halley recognised that the orbit of the great comet he observed in 1682 was similar to those seen in 1456, 1531 and 1607. He proposed that they were the same celestial object and rightly predicted its return in 1758. That comet was named after him. Halley also proved the secular acceleration of the Moon and the proper motion of the stars. Artwork from an 1833/37 book.

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