False-col SEM of 4 T-lymphocytes attacking cell

False-col SEM of 4 T-lymphocytes attacking cell


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False-colour scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of 4 killer T-lymphocytes attacking a large tumour, or cancer, cell. T-lymphocytes are a kind of white blood cell of the human immune system; the initial indicates that they mature in the thymus gland. The contact between T-cells & tumour cells is specific: the T- cells recognise antigens on the tumour cell unique to the particular tumour type. T-cells are not always successful in destroying tumour cells. The first manifestation of damage to the tumour cell is the disappearance of the small projections, or microvilli, which are here seen covering the tumour cell surface. Magnification: x2300 at 35mm size. Original is BW print M132/07M. Reference: MICROCOSMOS, figure 2,48, page 39. See.

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