Diverticulosis in the Large Intestine

Diverticulosis in the Large Intestine


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Radiologic evaluation of the large intestine often involves performing a barium enema. This procedure involves introducing barium (an inert substance which has properties which allow it to be visible on x-rays as white) into the rectum through a plastic tube which is gently inserted. By filling the large intestine with barium (white on x-rays) one can evaluate several different properties of the bowel. Some of the properties that are examined are the overall size of the lumen (inside hollow space), whether there are any abnormal growths (polyps, cancer) protruding into the hollow organ, or whether there are small projections of the bowel through the bowel wall (diverticuli). The image you are looking at shows many of these small outpouchings (diverticuli). The condition is called diverticulosis. When these diverticuli are associated with infection the condition is then called diverticulitis.

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