Extrasolar planet around 55 Cancri

Extrasolar planet around 55 Cancri


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Alien planet 55 Cancri d. Artwork of the Jupiter- like (Jovian) planet 55 Cancri d orbiting the star 55 (or Rho 1) Cancri (upper left). A hypothetical moon is at lower right. This is the first extra- solar planet found with a similar orbit to that of Jupiter in our Solar System. Cancri d has about five times Jupiter's mass and orbits in 5360 days (Jupiter has a 4333-day orbit around the Sun). Another Jovian planet, 55 Cancri b (left of star), orbits in 14.7 days. A third planet, 55 Cancri c (right of star), with a fifth of Jupiter's mass, orbits in just over 44 days. A red dwarf companion star of 55 Cancri is at lower left. This system is 41 light years away in the constellation Cancer.

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