Lily flower bud, light micrograph

Lily flower bud, light micrograph


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Lily flower bud. Light micrograph of a section through a young flower bud from a lily (Lilium sp.), showing pollen cells (circles) dividing within the anthers (inner ring). The outer floral envelope consists of an outer and inner whorl of three petals (perianth or tepals). Next are the male stamens arranged in two whorls of three, known as the androecium. The anthers, on the ends of the stamens, have four pollen sacs, within which the diploid sporophyte pollen grains are undergoing meiosis (cell division) to form the haploid gameteophyte. In the centre of the flower are the three fused female carpels, which form the gynaecium. Magnification: x5 when printed 10 centimetres wide.

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