Hairy anglerfish, micro-CT scan

Hairy anglerfish, micro-CT scan


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Hairy anglerfish (Caulophryne pelagica) and stomach contents, micro-CT scan. The hairy anglerfish (blue skeleton) is a rare species, so curators were unable to dissect it to find out what it had eaten. Micro-CT scanning allowed researchers to examine the stomach contents and identify the prey fish (pale brown skeleton) as a softskin smooth-head (Rouleina attrita). This image was acquired using X-ray micro-Computed Tomography (also known as micro-CT). A micro-CT scanner projects a beam of X-rays through the sample onto a detector panel. Images are collected over a 360° rotation and these are then reconstructed to form a virtual 3D model of the specimen. This virtual object that can be viewed from all angles and sliced open or digitally dissected. Image by Dan Sykes.

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