Variation in alkane boiling points


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Variation in alkane boiling points. Animation showing molecular models of three alkanes of increasing molecular weight and their relative boiling points. Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons consisting of carbon (grey spheres) and hydrogen (white spheres) joined by single bonds. These are unbranched straight-chain alkane molecules. The first alkane to be highlighted (green flash) is ethane (C2.H6) with a boiling point of minus 89 degrees Celsius. The second alkane to be highlighted is butane (C4.H10) with a boiling point of minus 1 degree Celsius. The third alkane to be highlighted is hexane (C6.H14) with a boiling point of 68 degrees Celsius. Ethane and butane are gases at room temperature and pressure, while hexane is a liquid. The trend for the alkanes is for boiling point to increase with the size and molecular weight.

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