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Land carbon cycle. Animation of some of the processes that form the terrestrial biological carbon cycle, part of the larger overall carbon cycle for the whole Earth. The biological and terrestrial part of this cycle is where carbon from the atmosphere, in the form of the gas carbon dioxide (CO2), is taken up by land-based biological processes, releasing oxygen gas (O2). The animation starts with sunlight acting on the leaves of a tree, powering the process of photosynthesis. This results in carbon fixation, where the carbon is incorporated into plant tissues and oxygen is released. The carbon in plants can be taken up by animals, such as the goat shown here eating the leaves of the tree. The goat breathes in oxygen, which is used to metabolise the nutrients in the leaves, resulting in the production of carbon dioxide which is shown being exhaled by the goat. The final part of the clip shows arrows marking these carbon transport processes.

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