Dhole, Endangered Species, Illustration

Dhole, Endangered Species, Illustration


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The Tien Shan dhole (Cuon alpinus hesperius), also known as the Siberian wild dog or Western Asiatic dhole, is a possible subspecies of dhole native to the Altai and Tien Shan mountain ranges, and possibly Pamir and Kashmir. The dhole has been variously described as combining the physical characteristics of the grey wolf and red fox, and as being cat-like on account of its long backbone and slender limbs. The general tone of the fur is reddish, with the brightest hues occurring in winter. Dholes are more social than grey wolves, and have less of a dominance hierarchy, as seasonal scarcity of food is not a serious concern for them. Dholes are primarily diurnal hunters, hunting in the early hours of the morning. They rarely hunt nocturnally, except on moonlit nights, indicating they greatly rely on sight when hunting. Dholes are listed as Endangered by the IUCN, as populations are decreasing and estimated at less than 2,500 adults. Factors.

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