1913 Toned skull Plate Piltdown Man hoax

1913 Toned skull Plate Piltdown Man hoax


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Upper Skull Plate (original toning) from drawing by Woodward in: Dawson, C. & Woodward, A. S. 1913 -. On the discovery of a Palaeolithic human skull and mandible in a flint-bearing gravel overlying the Wealden (Hastings Beds) at Piltdown, Fletching (Sussex). Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, 69 (1) issued 25 Apr, 117–151, plates XV–XXI. The medieval cranium used for what has been called the "greatest" hoax in archaeology - Piltdown Man. This is the plate from the original paper by Dawson (believed to be the forger) and Woodward (believed to be the duped scientist). The skull of a "missing link" ancestor to man from England (Eoanthropus dawsoni) was claimed to have been found at Piltdown. It took nearly 40 years for it to be conclusively proved that the treated jaw of an orangutan had been placed with the upper skull of a medieval man to make it.

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