Common types of bacteria, SEM

Common types of bacteria, SEM


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Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of Photocomposite of the common types of bacteria, primarily skin bacteria. In this image you will see various morphological types of bacteria such as: coccus (coccoid), bacillus (rod), spirillum (spiral) and vibriod. Specific types of skin bacteria seen in this photocomposite are: Rod-shaped bacteria, Escherichia coli; Propionibacterium acnes; Corynebacterium diptheriae. Coccoid bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus; Staphylococcus epidermidis; Enterococcus faecium; Micrococcus luteus. Some rod bacteria are motile, having a flagellum or a number of flagella. Some bacteria can be seen dividing (binary fission). The human skin has been considered to harbour a complex microbial ecosystem. Recently it has been shown that over 120 different types of bacteria can occur in the microbiota of the human skin. Magnification: no mag since composite when shortest axis printed at 25 millimetres.

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