Daddy longlegs spider legs (Pholcus sp.), SEM

Daddy longlegs spider legs (Pholcus sp.), SEM


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Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of Daddy longlegs spider (Pholcus sp.). Shown in this image are the spider legs and the femur, tibia joints. Note the sensory hairs on the legs and near the joints. Daddy longlegs spiders belong to the family Pholcidae, commonly known as cellar spiders. Some genera in this family, especially Pholcus phalangioides, are commonly called daddy long-legs spider, granddaddy long-legs spider, carpenter spider, daddy long-legger, or vibrating spider. There is confusion among the name daddy long-legs since the name also applies to two related arthropod groups: the harvestmen (which are arachnids but not spiders), and crane flies (which are insects). Pholcids are fragile arachnids, the body being 3-12mm in length with legs which may be up to 60mm long. Magnification: x27 when shortest axis printed at 25 millimetres.

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