Fangtooth (Anoplogaster cornuta)

Fangtooth (Anoplogaster cornuta)


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The Fangtooth, Anoplogaster cornuta, is a predatory fish inhabiting depths between 300 and 5300 meters. Because it exploits such great depths, it lives in darkness. This is a juvenile and has not yet grown the massive teeth that the species is famous for. These giant teeth of adults ensure capture of potential prey items. The jaw opens up wide enough to virtually turn the entire front end of the animal into an open mouth. The lateral line organ of the fish can be seen in all of the grooves crossing the face of this predator. The lateral line system detects movement of potential prey items in the dark, without using vision. It was trawled in the Gulf of Mexico, 2016, from between 1,000 meters and 600 meters depth. Image courtesy of the DEEPEND project.

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