Prebiotic foods supporting the microbiome

Prebiotic foods supporting the microbiome


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Prebiotic plant foods supporting the human microbiome – celery, leek, chicory, onion, garlic fennel, jerusalem artichokes, linseeds (flax seeds) apples and bananas. The microbiome consists of a complex colony of microbes that live in the gut in their trillions. The contribution it makes to general as well as gut health is becoming increasingly appreciated and is subject to much current research. Excluding pills, there are two methods of supporting good bacteria in the human gut. The first, probiotics, aims to introduce live bacteria into the gut by eating food such as yogurt or kefir. The second is prebiotics, consisting largely of fruit and vegetables which contain inulin and plant fibres. These pass undigested through the digestive tract to the large intestine where the bulk of the microbiome lives. The reaction between the plant fibres and the microbiome contributes to gut health.

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