Prostate Gland, Male Pelvis

Prostate Gland, Male Pelvis


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Medical visualization of a superior-oblique view of the prostate gland. About the size of a walnut, the prostate gland is the largest accessory gland of the male reproductive system. Two thirds of the prostate is glandular while the remaining third is fibromuscular. The glandular tissue secretes a lubricant that helps to prevent infection in the urethra and protects and energizes sperm; this makes up to one third of the seminal plasma in semen. The smooth muscle of the prostate helps to expel semen upon ejaculation. The seminal vesicles also contribute to the make-up of seminal plasma: they secrete a thick alkaline fluid that mixes with the sperm as it passes into the ejaculatory ducts and the urethra.

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