Press Release: 21st September 2007

Winners of the Visions of Science and Technology Awards

A Close-Up of a Bat Had the Strongest Vision

Geese, Tony MillsA scanning electron micrograph of a bats face, Steve Gschmeissner

Left: Geese, Tony Mills, Winner of action category
Right: A scanning electron micrograph of a bat's face, Steve Gschmeissner, Overall winner

The winners of the seventh Visions of Science & Technology Photographic Awards, organised by Science Photo Library (SPL), the Engineering and Technology Board (ETB) and the Daily Telegraph, will be announced on 20 September 2007 in an awards ceremony at the Royal Society. The aim of the competition is to find attention-grabbing images that give new insights into the world of science, and encourage links between science and art.

This year's competition attracted more than 800 entries, of which a panel of judges including scientists, photographers and picture editors chose the winning images. The chairman of the judges Adam Hart-Davis comments on the overall winner: "The winning image by Steve Gschmeissner made all the judges laugh. The close-up of a bat's face has a tremendous impact, and also humour, even though the beast looks so fierce! I had never seen a bat's face so close-up before, so there was a lot of new information - especially the whiskers and the teeth".

The chairman of the Association of Photographers Michael Harding comments on the competition: "I found the overall quality of the entries very high, and was particularly taken with a series of shortlisted photographs depicting the photographer's father's Parkinson Disease by progression. These images were especially resonant for me because I hadn't expected to find such images in a competition mainly concerning itself with pure scientific photography".

Sales and Marketing Director of Science Photo Library Maria Storey says: "It has always been the aim of Science Photo Library to demonstrate what science does in an accessible way. The awards support this aim, allowing us to share with the general public just some of the incredible images produced by photographers today".

Notes to Editors:

1. Science Photo Library (SPL) is the world's leading provider of science images. Independent and privately owned, SPL is renowned for the quality of its image bank of over 250,000 images created by photographers, illustrators, scientists and medical specialists.

2. The Engineering and Technology Board (ETB) is the organiser of this year's competition. Founded in 2002, the ETB is a national partnership to promote science, engineering and technology with a mission to support, serve and add value to the wider engineering and technology community in the UK.

3. Visions of Science and Technology (VOST) competition judges:
Dr. Adam Hart-Davis (Chairman) Photographer and TV Science Broadcaster
Prof. Raymond Clark Royal Photographic Society
Clare Cox Engineering and Technology Board (ETB)
Nic Fleming Science Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph
Adam Goff Picture Editor, New Scientist
Michael Harding Association of Photographers
Mark Lythgoe University College London (UCL)