Press Release: 16th May 2008

Science Photo Library Creates Visual Harmony in 'Counterpoint' a New Photographic Exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall

Date: 9 June - 13 July 2008, Opening Night Tuesday 10 June 6.30pm

Location: Royal Albert Hall, ground floor corridor

Mandrill, Toni AngermayerMagnetic field, Cordelia Molloy

Left: Mandrill, Toni Angermayer / Science Photo Library
Right: Magnetic field, Cordelia Molloy / Science Photo Library

The world's leading specialist picture agency Science Photo Library (see note 1) offer a dip into their curious and engaging collection in 'Counterpoint', a new photographic exhibition displayed on the ground floor corridors of the Royal Albert Hall (see note 2) from Monday 9 June until Sunday 13 July 2008. The exhibition is part of the Royal Albert Hall's free exhibition series reflect.

In musical terms 'counterpoint' stands for the relationship between two or more voices that are independent in contour and rhythm, and interdependent in harmony. This exhibition explores counterpoint from a visual perspective using pairs of images, which are attention grabbing and invite the intellect to work out the connection. All images are available to purchase as private prints (see note 3).

Sales and Marketing Director of Science Photo Library Maria Storey says: "We are very excited to have these amazing images on display at the Royal Albert Hall. Our aim with the exhibition is to engage both the mind and emotions of the viewer - as all art does. Many of Science Photo Library's images have a basis in science, but are works of art in their own right. Others are created as artistic interpretations of scientific concepts."

Head of Programming of the Royal Albert Hall Lucy Noble says: "We are delighted to welcome Science Photo Library's stunning collection to the Royal Albert Hall. Our founding aim is to promote both the Arts and the Sciences, and Counterpoint fuses these two areas perfectly in a fascinating and thought provoking exhibition."

Throughout history, science and the arts have always been closely linked. On Monday 9 June at 7pm Gary Evans from Science Photo Library will give a talk exploring how science has found its new popular voice in the 21st century. Tickets cost £6.50 and include a glass of wine.

The exhibition can also be viewed when attending performances or on one of the following free open days. Enter through Door 1.

Saturday 28 June 10am - 2pm
Sunday 29 June 10am - 2pm
Saturday 5 July 10am - 2pm

Notes to Editors:

1. Science Photo Library (SPL) is the world's leading specialist picture library with a collection of more than 250,000 images. National newspapers, advertising agencies and book publishers use Science Photo Library's images. Over the years, SPL has inspired artists and art directors, and the creative usage of SPL images has grown. Photographs from SPL have formed an important part of several Damien Hirst exhibitions, as well as been used as album cover art on several occasions, perhaps most famously by Chemical Brothers. To learn more about Science Photo Library, please visit

2. The Royal Albert Hall is one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings recognised the world over. It is a registered charity and operates without any public subsidy, with a vision to promote the advancement of the Arts and Sciences. The Hall has more than 350 yearly events, which attract approximately 4,000 visitors per night. For more information on The Royal Albert Hall, please visit

3. All images displayed at the Counterpoint exhibition, as well as a wider selection of SPL images, are available to purchase as private prints from from 9 June onwards. Prints are produced by Mediastorehouse.