Press Release: 11th May 2009

The World in 45 Seconds

Science Photo Library Launches a New Motion Collection in Summer 2009

Photo: Nightime lights across Earth, Wavebreak Media/SPLPhoto: Medical nanorobot killing E.coli bacteria, Rufus Wondre/SPL

Left: Nightime lights across Earth, Wavebreak Media/SPL
Right: Medical nanorobot killing E.coli bacteria, Rufus Wondre/SPL

The world's leading provider of specialist imagery Science Photo Library (SPL) is launching a new stock footage collection in response to the global media trend of increasing use of motion.

For more than 25 years, the UK based and independently owned Science Photo Library has built a reputation as the leading source of stock images specialising in science, medicine, technology and the natural world. The new Motion collection will cover all the subjects SPL is known for in still photography, and represent the best science footage from around the world.

Head of SPL Motion Ben Jones says about the new footage collection: "The video clips range from the ocean floor to the edge of space, from nanorobots to aerial cityscapes. We reveal the world in ultra high speed, show the beauty of time-lapse sequences and display events beyond the reach of the human eye."

Managing Director of SPL Giancarlo Zuccotto says: "This is a good time to launch a Motion collection, as the growth and increasing diversity of digital products are expanding the footage market. It has been estimated that by 2012 the global value of the footage market will have exceeded the traditional stills market."

Zuccotto continues: "We are delighted and very fortunate to be able to work with so many exclusive specialist footage contributors, and trust that the high-quality and unique nature of our collection will appeal to a broad range of clients."