Press Release: 18th April 2011

Could Jay-Z do Science? Maybe Not Like These Guys

Photo: Contracting and dilating pupil, AMMONITE/SPLPhoto: Animation of the brain, ROGER HARRIS/SPLPhoto: Golden eagle in flight, BRITISH TECHNICAL FILMS/SPL

Left: Contracting and dilating pupil, AMMONITE/SPL
Centre: Animation of the brain, ROGER HARRIS/SPL
Right: Golden eagle in flight, BRITISH TECHNICAL FILMS/SPL

Recently the world's leading provider of specialist and scientific footage and images, Science Photo Library, sponsored the Hands on Science Rap Video Competition. The winners of the competition won the schools subscription from Science Photo Library. Used by educational establishments from primary, through to secondary and university level, the subscription is an affordable resource for educational establishments to use in the teaching of biology, physics, geography, chemistry, history, mathematics and PSHE.

First Campus's Hands on Science Coordinator, Laura Roberts said, "Having sponsorship from Science Photo Library for the schools prize has been a great boost to the competition. The pupils have been able to contribute to something that the whole school can use to enhance their lessons and learning. The teachers from the winning school are very keen to use the SPL resources as part of their science lessons and think that they will inspire them to look at science in a different way."

Motion Content Editor, Alison Somerville, attended and judged the Hands on Science Rap Video Competition last month. Hands on Science, which is part of First Campus and based at the University of Glamorgan, encourages young people across South East Wales to study Science, Maths and Health related subjects beyond GCSE. The competition required pupils aged 7-16 from South-East Wales to write a Physics rap and produce a music video. A feat indeed!

The overall winner was from Tonypandy Community College, 'The White Dwarfs', with their rap about the 'Life of Stars'. Speaking about the team, Alison said, "Their submission was scientifically accurate with a great choice of textbook science images illustrating their rap mixed in with footage of the boys at school filmed in a rap video style. The effect was educational but young, fun and entertaining."

At the awards, Science rapper Jonathan Chase performed 'A Better View', featuring Science Photo Library's very own unique science video that Alison created to showcase some of SPL's best educational and most inspiring footage for schools, colleges and universities. The reel combined with the dynamic and energetic rapping of Jon Chase meant it got a great reception!

Notes for Editors:

Science Photo Library
Science Photo Library is the world's leading provider of scientifically themed imagery. Independent and privately owned, SPL is renowned for the quality of its collection of over 350,000 images and 20,000 video clips created by photographers, illustrators, scientists and medical experts.

Hands on Science
Hands on Science is part of First Campus, the Reaching Wider Partnership for South East Wales, whose aim from the outset was to engage further with Community First schools to raise the awareness of progression routes into Higher Education for pupils. In particular, First campus works towards showing young people that learning is fun and to plant the idea that university is an option for all.