Press Release: 4th October 2011

Science Photo Library's Footage Collection Expands

Photo: Cane Toad Eye, Dr. Morley Read/Science Photo Library

Cane Toad Eye, Dr. Morley Read/Science Photo Library

Science Photo Library placed themselves ahead of the curve when they started collecting stock scientific footage from 2008.

Now, as they celebrate their 30th anniversary, they have added three new subjects to their stock footage collections: Animals, History and Flowers. You can view their new showreels at

In addition, as you may expect from Science Photo Library, you can see things that are normally beyond the reach of our eyes in their new specialist techniques showreel:

Notes for Editors:

Science Photo Library
Science Photo Library is the world's leading provider of scientifically themed imagery. Independent and privately owned, Science Photo Library is renowned for the quality of its collection of over 350,000 images and 20,000 video clips created by photographers, illustrators, scientists and medical experts.

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