Terms & Conditions

Please note, that at all times the images and video clips remain the copyright of Science Photo Library and its contributing photographers.

1. What you can use the images for

You may use these images and video clips only for non-commercial educational purposes within your own school.

2. What you can't use the images for

You must not use the images for any promotional activities at or for your school (for example, prospectuses or exhibitions), nor for any private or commercial purpose whatsoever outside of your school activities.

3. Renewing your subscription

Towards the end of the subscription period we will send you a reminder inviting you to renew your subscription. If you wish to go ahead and renew your subscription, then you can continue to use any images or video clips already downloaded as well as download more. If you decide to cancel your subscription, then you must destroy any copies of images or videos downloaded and remove these from any master documents created whilst the subscription was in place.

4. Cancelling your subscription

You are entitled to cancel your subscription at any time. Simply contact us and let us know. We will refund to you the value of any complete months left on the scheme. There is a non-refundable administrative fee of £20.

5. Disclaimer

Science Photo Library is a resource for a very wide range of customers, which include many medical and technical publications. Therefore you may from time to time encounter images, which could be thought inappropriate for use in a school environment if not treated in the correct context. By purchasing a schools licence you accept that such images may be encountered, and we apologise for any unintended distress or confusion that may result. We strongly suggest that all images and videos downloaded are approved for use by responsible members of staff.

Although we do have over 350,000 images and 15,000 video clips on our website, our imagery does not necessarily cover every aspect of the curriculum at all key stage levels. We value your feedback on areas where we can improve our collection for schools.