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Gene therapy treatment for Cystic Fibrosis

New treatments may be possible by 2020 - researchers have suggested that a new combination treatment could stop the damage before it causes problems. CF is a genetic condition of the lungs. Difficulty in breathing & a persistent cough are common symptoms for most people with CF.

Magellan Mission to Venus

The Magellan spacecraft was launched 4 May 1989 to map the surface of Venus. It arrived at Venus on 10 August 1990. Magellan took radar images of approx. 98% of the planet's surface, its imagery far superior then previous spacecrafts. The Magellan probe was one of Nasa's most successful interplanetary missions.

World Elephant Day

August 12th is World Elephant Day. A day created to bring attention to the preservation and protection of Asian and African elephants. The number of elephants is decreasing due to poaching, for their ivory, meat & body parts, in 2013 approx. 100,000 elephants were killed. Elephant numbers have dropped 62% within the last decade, and without help they will become mostly extinct.

New Horizons Spacecraft

After a journey of more than nine years and five billion kilometres, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft finally arrived at the dwarf planet Pluto. Horizons made its closest approach on 14th July, making the first ever close-up study of this icy, distant world. We take a look at photos from the Horizons spacecraft as well as of Horizons itself.

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