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New contributor Mark Airs

We’re delighted to introduce our new contributor Mark Airs. His bold illustrations convey powerful messages and inspire inquisitive thinking. Mark brilliantly addresses serious scientific, healthcare or controversial issues through humorous conceptual illustration.

Remarkable women in science

We look at the remarkable women in science who have helped change the world. They began when women were not allowed to be educated and considered inferior to men, they broke the rules and taught all of us that anything is possible.

Vostok 1

Vostok 1 was launched from Kazakhstan on 12th April 1961 and was the first spacecraft to carry a human. The mission made Yuri Gagarin the first man in space. The flight lasted 1 hour and 48 minutes from lift-off to touch-down and made one orbit of Earth.

Medical research through the lens of Andrew Brookes

View amazing images by Andrew Brookes (Tek Image) and gain a rare insight into the complex work performed by research teams. With each day, scientists are a step closer to finding new ways to treat, cure or even prevent the thousands of diseases that afflict humankind.

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