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Understanding Cancer

With the latest news on the genetically engineered version of a virus that normally causes cold sores showing real promise for treating skin cancer, we take a closer look at cancer through the use of CT scans, light micrographs and SEM’s. All of which can help to advance our understanding of this disease with the ultimate goal of curing cancer.

First American Space Walk: June 3rd 1965

"I'm very thankful in having the experience to be first... This is fun!" On the 3rd June in 1965 Edward Higgins White II became the first American to walk in space. During the Gemini 4 mission, White spent 21min outside the spacecraft. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of his space walk, we have put together a great set capturing this historic event and also the launch of the Gemini 4, splashdown and the Gemini 4 crew.

Hardwicke's Woolly Bat

Not all bats sleep upside down in caves. This tiny 4gram bat prefers a tropical pitcher plant, a living arrangement that seems to suit both plant and bat. An insect eating plant it benefits from the bats faeces instead of capturing insects, while the plant provide a shelter from the rain for the bats. View the full set of images here.

Stefan Diller - Plant SEMs

Stefan has been working in scientific photography for nearly 30yrs. His first view through a scanning electron microscope ‘opened up an unknown universe of yet unseen aesthetic structures’. This gallery takes a tour through Stefan's unseen universe of plants and flowers through the use of stunning SEM’s.

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