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New Horizons Spacecraft

New Horizons Spacecraft

NASA’s New Horizons arrived at the dwarf planet Pluto, being the closest on 14th July. We take a look at photos of the spacecraft and photos taken by Horizon.

Eye close-up

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Blood vessel, fluorescence microscopy

Fluorescent Microscopy

Revealing the human body using fluorescence microscopy - this allows 3D models to be built to show the structure and function of tissues at the molecular level.

Biometric head

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We have selected some of our favourite new images submitted last year, showing examples from all areas of science, healthcare, technology and space.

Cell Biology Animation

Have you ever wondered just what goes on inside the cells in your body? We’re delighted to show you, as we present one of our latest commissions: a flight into a human cell, to watch its intricate machinery at work. This animation was commissioned by Science Photo Library and Rhys Lewis, and built and animated by Mike DeSantis.

View all the clips from the showreel above and find out more.

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