Admire the astonishing life on Earth from microscopic pond life to ocean giants. Explore our collection showcasing the most incredible species on Earth and discover the breathtaking diversity of the animal world.

Bacteria and viruses


Coral reefs

Dinosaurs and other extinct animals


Frogs and toads

Insects and other creepy-crawlies

Land mammals

Marine mammals

Monkeys and apes

Octopus and other cephalopods

Pathogens and parasites

Pond life and plankton


Spiders and scorpions

Animals Showreel

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Beneath the surface

Below the surface of the water teems an alien world, full of amazing creatures who mysteries we’re only just starting to understand. This set shows a selection from the tiny to the huge, the beautiful and the deadly. Dive in!

Winter animals

In winter we can stay warm inside, unlike these animals. This selection shows how they pass the cold months: fighting over seeds, gnawing on bare twigs, huddled against blizzards, raiding gardens or just embracing the snow with a good roll.

Pond Life

Dive beneath the surface into a wondrous place. At microscopic levels, the mysterious world of the pond is revealed. Watch ostracods fight their way through Volvox algae or try to escape the Bladderwort’s traps. Meanwhile, various species of rotifer are on the hunt for lunch. Discover the pond life.