Discover the intimate world of plants and flowers using high-speed and timelapse techniques to reveal astonishing lives.

Algae and pond weed


Flower timelapses

Forests and trees


Gardens and portraits

Germination and growth

Plant cells and anatomy

Plant reproduction

Flower Showreel 2016

Dreaming of spring? With the grim grey of winter nearly behind us, our latest reel shows off the amazing range of colours found in flowers and plants. Sit back and soak up this stunning spectrum of sunlit sumptuousness!

View all the clips from the showreel above and find out more.

Pollination and seeds

Plants can’t move, so they have to use cunning methods to find a mate. The clips in this set show how some plants use traps and treats to trick insects and birds into taking care of business and how the slightest breeze can carry seeds and sex cells far away.

Flower timelapse

The spring and summer seasons create an abundance of flowers. Our beautiful selection of timelapse flowers show nature at its best.