We are proud to collaborate with world acclaimed photographers, leading scientists, researchers and medical experts in all fields of science and medicine.

Our contributors also include the most talented minds producing stunning illustrations that brilliantly capture the needs of the creative industry. They come from all walks of life but share a passion for science, medicine and technology.

We'd love to see your work. Contact us today and get started.

What’s in it for you?

Our royalties are some of the highest in the industry. Nothing feels better than when your work is widely acknowledged and turns into cash in the bank. Our mutual collaboration provides a platform for global recognition of your work.

Why work with us?

Our expert sales team has a deep understanding of our specialist market ensuring the right imagery is licenced to the top clients. Contact us today and sign up with SPL. Our relationship with you is unique, fair and based on mutual respect. It’s a true partnership. We exchange ideas, offer guidance and work together to distribute your content worldwide. We make every effort to protect your intellectual property.

What content do we take?

We see science in every aspect of life. Our definition is broad and flexible and covers all aspects of medicine, healthcare, technology and the natural world. Contact us if you are uncertain whether your imagery meets our requirements.

How do I become a contributor?

Send Us a Sample of Your Work

Select and send a sample of twelve high resolution images or videos using any web transfer service, disc or hard drive. Copy the link and complete the contact form below. We encourage you to include a website portfolio and a short overview of your work. We’ll aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

Submission Guidelines

We're known for the high quality of images and videos. Our guidelines meet industry standards, however for scientific imagery we accept the best quality produced by specialist equipment. See our submission guidelines for images and videos.


Once you join us you'll be assigned a dedicated editor. We edit your submissions; provide insight into market requirements and work collaboratively to increase your financial performance. Your editor is your first point of contact for any enquiries about your collection or finances.


Please refer to the metadata template and requirements. It's important to supply a template with each submission and to accurately and fully complete it. This will ensure swift online presence.

Delivering Videos and Images


We accept files via SFTP (contact us for account details) or any web transfer services. We accept a hard drive, discs or memory sticks sent by post.


The best way to get your videos to us depends on the total file size of the submission.

Submissions of individual or few videos can often be sent easily using DropBox, WeTransfer or any other file transfer system. The free versions of these tend to impose a 2 GB size limit, but paid-for versions can go up to 20 GB.

For mid-size submissions, between 2-50 GB, we recommend using our SFTP server. If you do not have an account on this server, please let us know and we’ll create one for you.

For large submissions, more than 50 GB, it is better to send a portable hard drive. We operate a Windows-based system and prefer drives formatted with ExFAT. If you work on Macs and have drives with HFS+ or a similar format, please contact us.

We accept tape and film, but only in exceptional circumstances having worked out a plan for their digitisation. Contact us if you have an archive of this nature.


Images and videos showing people must include a signed model release (adults and minors). Private locations will require a property release. See the Fair Processing Notice.


We can sign an exclusive or non-exclusive contact.

  • An exclusive contract is image exclusive.
  • An exclusive contract excludes third parties.
  • Royalties depend on the contract signed.
  • You retain copyright.
  • The contract is for five years.
  • We acquire the right to market and sell worldwide.
  • Images are credited according to your requirements.

See the Contract and Fair Processing Notice.

Understanding stock licencing

Royalty Free or Rights Managed?

Rights Managed (RM) licences are calculated on a usage basis, defined by variable factors such as how, where and for how long it is required.

A Royalty Free (RF) licence offers flexibility and unlimited usage. A client pays a one-off fee based on the file size required. The licence gives freedom to use the image or video however they want for as long as they need.

Let us know if you’d like to assign your work to the RM or RF collection. Images/videos can be in either collection, but the same image/video cannot be in both.

How much money will I make?

We specialised in science, medicine and technology and our average prices are higher than most in the industry. We work with world renowned contributors and institutions, who have supplied hard to source specialist content for over 40 years. That makes us stand out from the competition.

We are the preferred source and first choice for major media and commercial companies seeking scientific, medical and technology content.

For an indication of our pricing structure log in to our website and click the Price button on any image. Some client's fees are part of negotiated agreements and prices will differ.

A percentage of your income comes through our worldwide distributor network. All money received is shared according to the percentage stated in your contract.

When will I start seeing sales?

We encourage you to provide regular updates of new content. A contributor's account performs best when we have a substantial collection to show. The more images/videos we have the more sales we’re likely to make. We promote your content through our social media platforms and regular newsletters to our clients.

You will be given remote access to your account where you can monitor your sales and your images/videos.

Who else do you send my content to?

The main point of sale is through www.sciencephoto.com. A proportion of our income comes through our global distributor network. Your images will also be available to consumer products and print on demand partner websites. Any restrictions you may have can be accommodated.

Contact Us

Use the form below to contact us about becoming a contributor. Or if you prefer, you can contact us by e-mail.