Dennis Kunkel is one of the world's most prominent microscopists, who has devoted more than 40 years of his life exploring the extraordinary microworld invisible to the naked eye. Dr. Kunkel's expertise and extensive research experience in biological and medical sciences are coupled with a unique gift for capturing these amazing forms in their finest detail.

Dr. Kunkel's award-winning images appear worldwide in print, film and digital media such as Time magazine, Scientific American, The New York Times, Life and National Geographic. He has made significant contributions in the fields of microbiology, neurobiology and botany and authored or co-authored 59 research papers in scientific journals.

His stunning images are distinguished by range, high quality and the amount of information they convey. This is the most comprehensive microscopy collection with nearly 23,000 images featuring biological and medical photomicrographs taken with light or electron microscopes.

A selection of over 6,000 is exclusively available at SPL's website for immediate download and purchase.

Medical images

Dennis Kunkel has crafted a beautiful collection of the numerous microscopic components of the human body, here's a small collection of his unique body of work.



From the common cold to the more deadly polio, yellow fever and zika viruses.


Bacteria images

A unique kaleidoscope of the many micro-organisms that can cause a vast array of diseases to humans.



A stunning selection of these single cell micro-organisms.