Password help

If you’ve forgotten or need to update your password, click here.

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Update details

Log-in to update your details. Go to your account where you can update name, company name, physical address, postcode and telephone number. Click update to complete the change.

There is a separate form to update your email address.

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Your Account Manager

Our knowledgeable and dedicated Account Managers are here to help with any queries you have. From helping you search for content, setting up a subscription or rate agreement, assigning Premium Access to your account, or discussing the most appropriate licence for your project.

Go to your account page to see details for your Account Manager.

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Free expert research

Save time and money by using our free expert research. Our science experts will provide detailed and valuable insight giving you time to concentrate on other aspects of your project. We have everything you need at no extra cost.

Submit a search request form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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