Rights Managed Licences

Rights Managed (RM) licences are calculated on a usage basis. You pay for what you need. Our simplified and streamlined pricing calculator makes choosing the correct licence quick and easy. A dedicated Account Manager is available to assist with any queries.

Our RM collection is carefully edited to feature only the most inspiring and scientifically accurate content produced by world renowned contributors. Exclusivity is an option with a RM licence. Contact us for more details.

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Royalty Free Licences

Royalty Free (RF) licences offer flexibility and unlimited usage. You pay a one-off fee based on the file size required. The licence gives you freedom to use the image or clip however you want for as long as you need.

Our RF collection delivers an unrivalled quality of imagery coupled with licencing flexibility. RF content is fully model and property released and includes indemnity insurance as standard.

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Flexible Packs

Need the flexibility of RF, but with RM content? We’ve got you covered.

Choose from a number of bundled licence types ranging from exclusive advertising buyouts to digital marketing licences. Please contact us for more details on flexible licensing or check our online rights calculator for further details.

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Rights simplified

Rights Simplified covers all digital and print use (excluding advertising) for worldwide distribution on a non-exclusive basis. We offer a range of licence durations to suit your needs. Also available as a digital-only package.

From your basket select the appropriate Rights Simplified usage type and duration to price images. RF images are priced based on file size. For detailed enquires please contact your account manager.

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Science Photo Library offers flexible subscriptions to ease the administration of managing your content needs. Subscribe today and save with our best rates. Subscriptions are a perfect option for high volume customers or if you need tailored rights on an on-going basis. Please contact us for more details on subscriptions.

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Rate Agreements

Science Photo Library offer regular customers agreed discounts on standard or custom rights in the form of a rate agreement. Our lowest fees will always be available in subscription, but for customers that prefer to pay as you go for images and video, a rate agreement might be suitable.

Please contact us for more details on rate agreements.

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We offer licences and subscriptions specifically designed for pupils, students, teachers, educators or educational administrators. They range from single image or video licences to institutional subscriptions for thousands of users.

Pay as you go, single image and video licences are available online. Simply register as an educational user. Search, add your selection to your basket and select the relevant licence from the education section. Please contact us for education subscriptions.

Science Photo Library is committed to scientific accuracy and maintaining a comprehensive collection for all levels of education. Resultantly, there may be images and videos that are not suitable to younger students and we would recommend that the use of our site to be done under the supervision of teaching or support staff.

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Our full licence terms and conditions are available on our terms page.

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