Royalty Free images are available in predefined sizes: 500 KB, 1 MB, 10MB, 30 MB and 50+MB.

Rights Managed images are variable in size, but can be rescanned to meet requirements.

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Videos are available in a variety of formats. We master them to standard formats when added to the database. The original and the master formats are detailed in the video's preview window. Watermarked versions can be downloaded by right clicking on the preview video.

We master the original video to whatever format is required to match the following parameters:

  • QuickTime file (.mov)
  • 100% Photo JPEG compression
  • Progressive scan (deinterlaced if required)
  • Square pixels

The exception is for videos containing a transparent layer (an alpha channel) for compositing purposes. The Photo JPEG codec does not support this layer and these videos are stored and delivered with Apple Animation codec.

Videos shot at 4K/UHD contain the original format information in the clip’s preview window, where the Original Frame Size will state 3840x2160, or higher. Original files are not stored on the website, but are available on request at:

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