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If you don't find what you are looking for, take advantage of our Free Expert Research Service. Our experienced researchers will send you a selection of images or videos. There is no charge for this service, which is available from Monday-Friday, from 9am-6pm (UK time).

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Working with boards

Boards are areas where you can save images and videos for your project. If you need to discuss a potential order, we have access to your boards and are happy to help you. Our research team can also create boards, based on your search needs, which you so then can view in your board area.

New boards can be created at the top of the Your boards page. Previews of the existing boards show a summary and the first four media. To view a board, click on the View board button.

Once you set up a board, add comments using the Add notes button. To order some or all of the images select the Add to basket button.

Email a board to one or more contacts using Email button. Any comments on your board will be seen by the email recipients. If the recipient has an SPL account, they can add your board to their collection. There are also buttons to delete or rename your boards.

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Download and buy

Images can be downloaded as digital high resolution or low resolution files. Royalty Free images are available in a range of file sizes from 0.5MB to 50+MB.

High resolution images

Clients with Premium account can download high resolution files. A licence fee is charged for the images used.

Special requests

Any special request should be added in the comment area provided. This information is sent with your order to your Account Manager. Use this field to let us know if your project has any deadlines or if you have particular requirements for the size of the files or their format.

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Unavailable Media

Some of the images and videos on our site are not available in some countries.

Furthermore, some usage restrictions may apply to some of our images and videos and these are explained in the media details page next to the caption. In these cases we also block the sharing/embedding of the media files from other sites.

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Our website has an API. If you are interested in this, then contact us.

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